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Posted on 4 October 2016
Job Interview Z Global
It's one of the most daunting trials in professional history, yet a little preparation and research can turn a nerve-racking job interview into a positive and engaging first impression. This helpful list details a smattering of ideas that could greatly improve your chances at nailing that crucial interview:

1. Be prepared

Do your research on the company you are interviewing for and have a fundamental grounding of company values and policy before you enter the room. This will show interviewers you are prepared and willing to be involved whilst broadening your own knowledge of the company. Key points to memorise could include CEO names, company motto and core values.

2. Know yourself

You are clearly interested in this job (why would you apply otherwise?!) and the company is interested in you, so it's common sense to have a set understanding of who you are as a person and professional. Questions such as "why are you the best person for this job", "what are your strengths", and "what distinguishes you from other candidates", are an interviewer's bread and butter, so answer these questions and commit them to memory prior to entering your interview.  

3. Dress to impress

This is a professional interaction and your attire should be similarly formal. Polish your shoes, get a hot iron on your clothes and straighten yourself out not only will this improve your appearance, but it serves also to sharpen mental resolve and build confidence heading into an interview.

4.Bring everything

Additional copies of resumes, cover letters, requested documents and references in a simple folder/binder are an interviewee's best friend. Your person is included here too, so don't be late! Aim to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid a unfashionably late entrance.

5. Any Questions?

The line "do you have any questions?" marks a decisive point in any interview. Here, the onus is shifted upon you to display elements of critical analysis and interest in the company/your prospective role. It pays to have a few questions up your sleeve, so tie this into your prior research and have some ideas with you heading into the interview. Additionally, take mental notes in the interview nothing impresses a panel more than educated discussion on an earlier point.

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