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Workplace Relationships

Posted on 24 October 2016
Workplace Relationships

Do you ever find yourself constantly having run-ins with an irksome co-worker? Perhaps the bloke across the room from you is always talking too loud on the phone, or the lady behind you also clicks her pen and pops gum. It's so tempting to just scream at them or plug in headphones and drift away from it all, but outright animosity or ignorance is rarely the solution in a workplace environment.

"Chill Out!"

Multiple studies have found that interpersonal workplace relationships play a huge role in overall stress levels. Whilst stress is not uncommon, incessant bouts of high blood pressure and anxiety can have a major effect on your health, leading to conditions such as poor eating habits, drinking problems, weight gain and sleep disorders. These little niggles and stresses are slowing bringing you down, so ditch the stress!

"But they're so annoying"

If a co-worker is really getting on your nerves, consider the benefits of mending your relationships before you storm over to their desk:

  • Healthy workplace relationships allow employees to dedicate more time to their work without worrying about other people in the office. Settle your differences so you can work to the best of your ability when you're in the office.
  • You never know when you might need a hand from the people you see most. People with strong relationships in the workplace are found to become more successful and balanced in the future. Besides, if you've established a great list of positive contacts in your workplace, you always have a healthy list of references for your future endeavours. It really does pay to be nice!
Job Satisfaction
  • You might have landed your dream job but the gloss will soon wear off if you can't face your high-pitched co-worker or the toe-tapping receptionist who constantly eats at the desk. If strained relationships are bringing you down, take a step and talk to your boss about improving workplace relations through team-building exercises or functions. Not only does this show your commitment to improving the team, it also displays your own proactivity and should put on good stead with your employers.

So, if you're ever at odds with a co-worker, just remember it pays to take the first step and make it work!

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