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Z Global Corporation offers comprehensive Human Resource and payroll services to both small and large organisations. Our main goal is to provide efficient and accurate services that alleviate the workload of an organisation's management. Each company's package is customised to include the services necessary to accomplish this goal.

We offer a wide array of Human Resources services, including customised forms and policies, contracts of employment, work cover claims and police certificates. We also provide complete recruiting services such as reference checks, interviews, contracts of employment and induction training.

Our custom payroll service packages are created based on your organisation's needs. We provide total payroll services including calculation of hours, disbursement of payment, bank transfers, tax payments and calculations, and necessary reporting and documentation. Our user-friendly website and knowledgeable staff make the payroll process easy and efficient.

Human Resource Services:


Customised Human Resource Manuals

When operating an organisation within the manufacturing industry, it is vital that all national and state regulations are being followed properly. This requires that a well-developed plan be put into place that includes staff training and the creation of comprehensive manuals. At Z Global Corporation, we can help you create these necessary manuals in accordance with APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority), TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) regulations.

These manuals are used to help teach your workers proper handling techniques and work safety measures to keep your organisation compliant. It is essential that these manuals be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Our expert staff can help by coming to your workplace to provide a complete assessment of your organisation's manufacturing structure. We work together with you to establish customised Human Resource Manuals that accommodate all the necessary requirements.

Many national and state regulations are continuously changing to create a safer, environmentally friendly workplace. It is difficult for many companies in the manufacturing industry to keep up with these constant changes. At Z Global Corporation, we make understanding these regulations our business, and we put our expertise into creating comprehensive workplace manuals.


Customised Human Resource Forms

At Z Global Corporation, we understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we offer customised Human Resource forms. This allows us to meet the specific needs of each organisation. We tailor each form to match your business' objectives and to make Human Resource management easier.

We are able to create many types of customized Human Resource forms as per your business' requirements. We can design all styles of employment record forms, from job applications, to evaluation forms, to termination forms. Payroll management can be simplified by using customised timesheets and leave of absences forms.

Our very knowledgeable staff at Z Global Corporation are always available to assist your organisation with the creation of customised Human Resource forms. We understand the demands of the Human Resource Department, and the need to keep employment records organised and accessible. For this reason, we work with your Human Resource team to design appropriate forms that meet the demands of your business.


Training in OHS and HR Manuals

Creating various types of manuals for your organisation and developing appropriate procedures for your employees are important steps for every company to take. However, it is equally important for organisations to provide comprehensive HR (Human Resource) and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) training for all employees. Z Global Corporation provides complete and effective training that is meant to create a safe and effective environment throughout your organisation. We tailor each training session to meet the specific goals set by your organisation.

Z Global Corporation can provide comprehensive HR training for members of your HR team, for management, or for all company employees. These trainings can include topics such as, understanding federal and state regulations, overview of company polices, or motivational workshops. The type and style of trainings will be based upon your company's needs and expectations.

OHS training will focus more on the knowledge and understanding of company policies and procedures that have been put into place. Some types of OHS trainings are required by law, depending on your specific organisation's industry. Z Global Corporation provides excellent training workshops that meet all legal requirements. These types of trainings can work to reduce workplace errors, injuries and illnesses.


Compliance with Fair Work Australia & Other Legal Requirements

Throughout the world, every country has different legal requirements for companies to follow in regards to workforce policies. Navigating employer legal requirements in Australia is overwhelming and difficult, especially for companies that are not based in Australia. However, working with us -- a company that focuses on Human Resources and Recruitment -- can ease the confusion surrounding legal requirements, including Fair Work Australia.

Fair Work Australia is a national organisation that focuses on workplace relations and negotiations. It is the agency that handles minimum wage negotiations, employment conditions and employment termination, among others. We help make sure your organisation meets regulations established by Fair Work Australia and other government organisations. We also track changes to employee/employer laws, and report this information to our clients.

Our company helps file paperwork and navigate the rules and regulations set forth by Fair Work Australia. For instance, we can help you through the process of hiring and terminating employees, including filing paperwork, determining benefits and following employment laws.

Overall, partnering with our company is beneficial to your organisation for many reasons, including keeping a handle on providing the best work environment for employees.


Environmental Manuals

Here at Z Global Corporation we are concerned about the environment we live in. We also know how important it is for our customers that our enterprises have a low impact on our planet. For this reason we are ready to help you find the best teams of specialists in environmental policies, to assist you in lowering the environmental impact of your business.

It is something we need to do together: it is required by our customers, by the legislation and, most importantly, by our children. We can help you address the problematic issue of environmental impact, offering assistance in finding the right professionals to successfully address and fulfill what your local legislation requires, and, if required, go even further, to make your company an environmentally friendly one. It is our duty to help you make your business sustainable, and to find the right people to gradually take the environmental imprint of your activity down to zero.


Community Polices

Depending on the type of organisation you operate, it may be necessary to form a set of community policies to protect both the organisation and its members. Community policies are important for any organisation that incorporates a large group of people, such as educational institutions, organised clubs, or banking facilities. The policies would be developed as a guideline for the organisation's members, students, clients and/or employees. Z Global Corporation has vast experience in the development and creation of appropriate community policies, and we can help you draft policies that meet your organisation's goals.

Community policies are important for an organisation to have because they can eliminate any confusion between the community as a whole and your organisation. These policies should entail all of the pertinent information that is necessary, but also adhere to all the legal rules and regulations. With these legal regulations changing constantly, it can be difficult for many organisations to understand exactly what their responsibilities are. Our expert staff at Z Global Corporation, understand these regulations and will work with you to create individualised community policies that are specific for your organisation.



Completing everything involved in the payroll process can be an extremely time-consuming task for large or small organisations. Payroll can take valuable time away from managers, who could be completing many other tasks. At Z Global Corporation, we can help save you time and money by performing some, or all, of your payroll duties.

We offer complete managed payroll services, where we can handle all aspects of the payroll process. We calculate hours worked, maintain employee files, complete bank transfers, process pay checks, compute required taxes, and create comprehensive reports. We make this process easy for both the employer and the employee, by providing competent customer service representatives, an employee self-serve website, and accurate services.

For companies who like to have a payroll contact person on-site, Z Global Corporation also provides this. We can send a staff member to your business on a part-time or permanent basis, to meet the needs of your organisation. We can also come to your business and provide valuable consulting services to help your payroll department become more efficient, by offering skill building training and development.


Organisation Psychology Services

The organisational development side of our business assists our clients in managing the hard stuff: people. Our trained Organisational psychologists work with organisations, teams and individual employees to enhance their performance and increase effectiveness and workplace productivity. We utilise psychological research and tested strategies to understand and influence how people think, feel and act.

Our experienced organisational Psychologists provide expertise in a range of areas:

  • Psychometric testing, for recruitment, career coaching or team dynamic requirements
  • Tailored training and development
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Change management / stress management Team performance and development
  • Leadership and executive coaching

Here are a few of good reasons to invest time, energy and money into this ‘stuff’:

  • Work-related stress costs Australia an estimated $15 billion a year (Medibank Private Study 2011)
  •  A new hire who produces in the bottom quarter of employees in a position can produce between 25% and 600% less than a top performer. The quality of their work may even be lower than the volume of their output. Tony Hseih, Zappos CEO, estimates his own bad hires have cost Zappos "well over $100 million."
  • One poor leader can cost a company more than $126,000.00 over the course of a year due to low productivity, turnover, and dissension (DDI Research)

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.