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Recruiting the right employees for your organisation is an essential step that can literally make a company successful, or not. It is difficult for many members of management to find the time necessary to properly seek out and recruit the best employees. Z Global Corporation understands the time, skills and tools needed to effectively find and interview the right people for every position within your organisation.

Our staff are trained to provide superior services, through an ability to locate potential employees and identify those that meet the demands of your organisation. Z Global Corporation provides a rigorous recruiting process allowing us to attract highly skilled workers. We will gather resumes and process the necessary reference checks to ensure that only the best candidates are selected for the interview process.

The staff at Z Global Corporation perform high-quality interviews to ensure that the potential employee's actual skills match those listed on their resume. These interviews allow our team to select the most qualified recruitments to send to your organisation. We provide these services in a timely, professional and affordable manner and we customise every plan to meet the specific needs of each organisation.

Recruitment Services:


Staffing – Find and Interview New Employees

Interviewing can be a long and complex process, but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you're a potential employer or a job seeker, we can help.

If you're an employer with a vacancy to fill, we can identify and interview the job seekers whose skills most closely match your needs. We can provide a shortlist of the most promising candidates and arrange dates for screening interviews. We can give you feedback on how the candidate performed, and offer suggestions to make the whole process run as smoothly as possible, including conducting the interviews on your behalf.

If you're a job seeker, we can help you find out more about the organisation, as well as the role, giving you the best chance to obtain a position in which you can shine. We can help you update your resume, and identify specific examples of how you've demonstrated both transferable skills, and those specific to the vacancy. If you're unsucessful with your application, we can offer you contructive feedback as to how you presented yourself, giving you a better chance of being successful next time round. If you're successful, it's even more straightforward - congratulations and good luck!


Reference Checks

As a trustworthy third party, we can do thorough reference checks on all potential employees. This will allow you to concentrate on getting the right candidates for the right positions, without worrying about the small details of the recruitment process.

Reference checks should be done before any employment contracts are signed. These checks should not be left until the employee is already in your office performing their daily duties, as character flaws and poor work ethic can become evident too late.

During the recruitment process, there is often an urgency to get employees screened for suitability to the specific job function they are required to perform. Due to the haste, and sometimes the complexity of the recruitment process, reference checks are often left till last. Frequently, the recruiter simply does not find enough time to make the appropriate inquiries and complete these checks thoroughly.

Employ us to conduct these reference checks thoroughly, and give you appropriate feedback in a timely manner. This will give you the peace of mind that all the minute details have been taken care of, saving your company costs in the long run.


Police Certificates

Police certificates are official documents distributed by the Australian government, often through the police station. The certificate provides the requester with the criminal background of a specific individual. It will list any previous arrests, convictions or criminal proceedings, or alternatively state that a person has no such record. Certain types of industries are required by law to gather police certificates for all of their employees, but more often the certificates are used as part of the screening process during recruitment.

Filing for, and collecting police certificates can be a very time-consuming and hectic process. Z Global Corporation is equipped to provide this service for you at a very affordable rate. We can collect police certificates for all of your potential and current employees. We can help you determine which type of police certificate is appropriate for your organisation's needs.

Z Global Corporation completes this process in a very organised and methodical manner. We provide you with all the necessary reports and appropriate documentation. We ensure that all of your employee files are up-to-date and maintained per your request. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible, while still providing accurate and reliable services for your organisation.


Contracts of Employment

Contracts of employment are the frameworks that outline the exchange between a worker and an employer in the work environment. The employees agree to adhere to specific criteria in performing certain job functions, and in exchange the employer gives them different benefits or payments for these services rendered. If both parties are in accord with all the factors listed, they each sign the agreement contract to legalize the arrangement.

By using Z Global Corporation in drawing up and facilitating the signing of contracts of employment, we will make sure that they comply with the current laws and regulations that guard such agreements and we will ensure that it is signed by both parties in a timely fashion.

Often other services can not be performed until there is an official contract of employment in place, such as issuing a new employee with computer access or regular entrance to the work premises. We will ensure that a new employee signs their work agreement on or before their first day of employment, thereby assuring a smooth work flow in all other areas that are dependent on this contract being in place.


Induction Training

It is important to introduce the new employees to all of the requirements of their new positions in a positive and calm environment, where they can learn and feel comfortable asking questions. Setting up a training department can be very expensive; however, by allowing us to do the induction training for your company you will save money immediately and the long-term benefits will be invaluable. An employee who has been properly introduced to the culture of your company, and thoroughly schooled in the requirements of their job function, will become an asset to your business.

It can be statistically shown that the biggest complaint of employees in a corporate environment is their dissatisfaction with the training they receive. The majority of employees wish to impress their employer and become well integrated into their new company. However, if they do not receive enough time to adapt and learn, their career with your company could be doomed to failure from the start.

Our vast experience and custom-made training courses will allow your new employees to integrate well with their new team members and to perform their duties with diligence and loyalty.


Exit Interview

It is of paramount importance that exit interviews are conducted when employees resign from their positions. The information obtained during these interviews is more valuable than most other research done on employee's reasons for discontent.

The exit interview is the single opportunity that the employer has to arrive at the truth. In a company with high staff turnover, these interviews can enlighten the employer as to the real reason their employees are unhappy and dissatisfied, to the point of resigning from their current positions.

Since employees tend not to feel comfortable divulging the real reasons for their discontent directly to their employers, it is advisable that the exit interviews are conducted by a skilled third party. As a trustworthy HR company, we can quickly establish a relationship of trust with the worker. We offer these services as a professional third party that can be entrusted with sensitive information, by both employer and employee.

After conducting an exit interview, we will provide this information to the correct people in the company together with a recommended action suggestion. If this information is used wisely, the company can reduce their staff turnover rate significantly and save costs on new employee induction training.